Tuesday, December 15, 2015


There isn't a finished project today.  I was zipping right along there, but I didn't even walk PAST my colorwork project bin yesterday.  We need some time apart. 

Yesterday I survived on just one dose of Robitussen, which is enough to make it a good day.  I do not know a curse strong enough for the wretches who came up with the cherry-flavoring for Robitussen.  I thought by now (well, of course, at one point I foolishly thought I'd be better) I would have at least grown used to the horrible stuff, but instead it is getting harder and harder to take, and it is the only thing I've found that calms the coughing.  I even managed a really cold one-mile walk yesterday.  Then
I started a new table runner project.  I've seen pictures of these on Pinterest, and I might be feeling a bit smug that I figured out BEFORE stitching that it might be easier to not stitch all the way to the end. 
I bought a 60-degree ruler for this especially, but don't remember where I put it.  How do I keep doing this?  I remember it did trim the end points off, but I'm leaving them until I get the general hang of things.  If one does things correctly, one could make this runner from 2 sets of strips.  IF.  Somehow I managed to cut one triangle about 3/8ths of an inch too narrow--a feat so amazing that I still can't decide how I managed it, and while I figured out that I would need 14 triangles, I did NOT figure out that I needed 6 with a red bottom and 8 with green, rather than 7 and 7.  So I'm cutting up 5 strip sets and hoping I manage to put together 2 finished runners when all the thread clears. 

Theo was underfoot last night while I was pinning,
but has better places to nap this morning.  If he's really good maybe I'll let him "help" me cut more fabric strips this evening. 


RobinH said...

Love that hexagon pattern!

So...have you already tried the other flavors of Robitussin and concluded that they're worse?

Mereknits said...

This new table runner pattern is amazing! It is a wonderful puzzle to put together,

Threads of Inspiration said...

Beautiful table runner!

Caffeine Girl said...

I know what you mean about buying something and then not being able to find it when you need it. That happens to me all the time!

So sorry about your horrible cough and the lack of flavors in cough medicine!