Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Little Apocalyptic Knitting

Nothing says "I don't believe the world is ending" like lace knitting:
and nothing says "I almost wish it HAD" than working with mohair, but it makes such lovely things, and what better time to work with mohair than when one has Valium?  I mean, really....

I am having a little knitter ADD (if that isn't a redundancy) now that I've reached the 20,000 mark, and can't figure out what to do next--which is how the mohair shawl came out of the WIP basket.  It's going to be WELL into next year before I even use up the first ball of yarn on it, but it actually felt good to work on a WIP and not care about yardage.  Then, of course, I came back to myself, so:
I made a little bell ornament for the Holiday Music stash-dash, which I think took about 20 yards of Red Heart acrylic.  It turns out that it's more difficult to get out of "high maniac" phase than I thought, so there may be another ornament or two or even a hat before the end of the year while I bounce back and forth between my insane desire to knit up stash and my insane desire to be focused on anything BUT using up stash.  I swear, it seems like there should be something in the middle, but.............


Mereknits said...

You make me laugh, if you had only one hour to live, and you spent it ripping out mohair it would seem like an eternity.
Hugs to you,

carolyn said...

I've been having the same ADD because I'm using up leftovers to knit a scarf for my youngest and it's taking FOREVER. I start, I stop. I start, I stop. I keep hoping it'll somehow magically finish by itself, I guess.

The scarf is pretty - not too itchy for you?

Sava said...

I feel the ADD as well, but mine is of a different nature. My boyfriend bought me a Nintendo 3DS as an early birthday gift, throwing my holiday knitting completely off track!

I've been skipping around between games and knitting and other holiday things for daaaays.