Monday, July 9, 2012


According to the news, Boise just set a record high temperature today of 108.  I know--that's a refreshing day in Arizona, but this is IDAHO.  We're a northern state.  We get winter and everything.  This is crazy hot for us.

I am hosting my knitting group tonight, and I have already notified everyone that the air conditioner is on full blast and that the house is livable, though if it gets any hotter, I may have to relent and make it "clothing optional."  Meanwhile, I need to go find a non-wool project for tonight.  Even with the air conditioning blasting, it is STILL too hot to handle wool. 

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I just say that??????????????????


Mereknits said...

108 is wicked hot!!!! Lord, you should be in Florida we only have 92 degrees with 90% humidity. Thank God for air conditioning. Have a great knitting group.

toni in florida said...

Ouch! Hope you have some soy or bamboo or such around for knitting without sticking.

For the record, here in my part of Florida (north central), our highs have been between 92 and 95 all month, with only one day projected to go over 100. Of course, like Meredith, we have the high humidity, but a working a/c take care of both.

Hope your knitting group was fun!

RobinH said...

Yipe! As a fellow northerner (though of the eastern stripe), I think that is way, way, way too hot. Even with AC. Thank heavens it hasn't gotten that bad here.