Monday, November 29, 2010

Down To One!

Bob:  In a surprise move yesterday, Ms. Sutton abandoned the expected cornucopia-finishing and instead surprised us with a flurry of scarves.

Ron:  How right you are, Bob!  We were predicting all 11 cornucopias to be necessary for Ms. Sutton to hit 100 projects for 2010, but seemingly out of nowhere came project 98:
a pair of scarves that no one predicted. 

Bob:  This certainly is getting interesting.  These scarves were a complete experiment for Ms. Sutton.  She was attempting to use a combination of threads on a rolled edge 
and I think it would be fair to call the results only moderately successful as the edge doesn't have that nice finish that Woolly Nylon would have given it, but as Woolly Nylon has become almost impossible to find in Boise, I think she was a bit too desperate to finish the scarves to wait until she could mail-order the missing thread. 

Ron:  We are certainly seeing a slight relaxing of project standards as we near the end of this 11-month push.  Project 99
 is a perhaps a bit short for a traditional scarf, but when questioned, Ms. Sutton snapped that she had shorter friends who would probably love it, and accused me of shortness-discrimination.

Bob:  Do you think it's possible that Ms. Sutton has totally snapped at this point?

Ron:  She certainly gives every indication.  With only one project to go and TWO cornucopias still needing cording, 
Ms. Sutton has started TWO Christmas aprons,  
lined up yarn for another attempt at mittens,
and has been spotted looking through quilting patterns.   It may be that once project 100 is finished, we will be in for a project-starting whirlwind. 

Bob:  I think it might be more of a project-starting hurricane, knowing Ms. Sutton.

Ron:  Too true, Bob!  After the immense pressure of this event, I think Ms. Sutton is certainly a couple colors short of a fair isle sweater.  Let's just hope no one gets hurt in the euphoric aftermath.  Some residents of Chateau Sutton-Goar are already looking for hiding places.....


Mandy said...

Love the hiding place, Theo. Not a wise move when any washing needs to be done, but a good place to watch events nevertheless.

carolyn said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! One more - GO, GO, GO!

Theo always looks so calm, like "what? The dryer is a perfectly normal place to hide"

toni in florida said...

Theo's not hiding, silly! He's using his subtle Yoda-type mind control to keep you from doing something anti-FO like the laundry. And apparently it's working. Go, Theo!

RobinH said...

Oh, but Toni! The last project should let you close with a flourish! Fleur! Go for it! You know you can do it.