Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Questions I Have About My Knitting

* Do I knit for the finished items or so I can buy more yarn?

* How many shawls can one person truly wear?

* Why is buying yarn so much more fun than buying groceries?

* Why can't I get as excited about eyelash scarves as I do about lace shawls that will take a heart-wrenching amount of time?

* If people own cats and don't knit, what do their cats nap on?

* How many more times until I learn: scratchy yarn = scratchy sweater?

* If those darn story problems in high school math had been about knitting, would I have complained less?

* I've never been attracted to really big men. Was this out of the fear of having to knit them cabled sweaters?

* Is it just a coincidence that my closest friends appreciate hand-knit gifts?

* Would there be less road rage if everyone else knit at stoplights too?

* If knitting is so dang popular, why do strangers keep complimenting me on my lovely crocheting?

* How long can I keep a project in the Project Time-Out Bin before it's destined to never come back out again?

* When someone finally shows up on Oprah sobbing about her fiber addiction, will I get to start funding my yarn habit from our medical savings account?

* Is knitting without first checking gauge my version of "living on the edge?"

* Does calling something "art" really stop it from being a really hideous piece of knitting?

* Why is being around yarn so soothing? Are sheep that calm, or is lanolin an inhalant?

* Is it truly possible to cover up the fact that there has been no actual knitting progress today????????

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Jillsknit said...

I've got a few answers (maybe not the right ones) for you.

-You need as many shawls as you have shoes or as business men have ties.

-If too many people start kntting at stoplight they'll make a law making it illegal to knit while driving then in 100 years someone will wonder why that law had to be made.

-FYI- I finished a Christmas sock last year that had been in time out since the early 80s. Apparently there's no limit to time out for knitting.

-Art seems to be the answer to most ugly created things. Our museum has a white painting with a white "H" painted on it. Go figure.

-It's easier to leave comments on other people's blog than actually come up with a post for your own.

Have a great day!