Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Have Finished A Sock!!!!!

Ta da!!!And you know why this is especially impressive? Because I kitchenered the toe together! (Which, incidentally wasn't named for the room with all the dirty dishes but for someone presumably named "Kitchener," which doesn't make it one iota more fun) In general, I despise grafting in any knitting, and in specific, I REALLY hate grafting toes together. Oh sure, it looks nice, but so does a bikini wax and I'm not ABOUT to do that.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Awesome. Trivia of the day: Kitchener stitch was, indeed, pioneered by Field Marshal Herbert Horatio Kitchener.
He figured out that the seam across the toe of traditional sock patterns of the day was a major cause of blisters on the feet of his men, leading (presumably) to lost battles and fewer medals, so his revised method was designed to address the problem. The stitch is named in his honour. ;)

toni in florida said...

I've only knit toe-up socks, 'cause I don't want to deal with kitchenering. (That said, I realize that the pathetically small number of socks I've knit may not make my opinion statistically valid.)

Daniele said...

You certainly did!!! Hurry up and cast on it's mate before SSS strikes!