Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is It An Addiction?

Meet cloths 10 and 11:
So, I'm either REALLY doing the Project of the Month, or I've sprung a screw & have become addicted to cotton circles. Either way, it adds 660 yards of yarn used up from the stash.

Sewing project number 3 is done:
For an experiment, I thought they turned out pretty well. It's hard to see, but the thread is a metallic gold that really looks sharp on the plush.

I haven't decided on sewing project number 4. I'd like to start cutting these

for some summer table cloths, but cutting things out is still really hard for me, and I have promised myself to finish whatever I start for the 10-in-a-row, so I need to be able to do the next project. I was thinking of playing with some ideas for decorations...or if I get REALLY desperate I can look through the rather large pile of sewing WIPS and finally finish a few of them. Yikes--that really would be a sign of pure desperation......


tinebeest said...

Whatever you decide, just make sure you take it easy- drop the challenges if you must, surgery and recovery are a legitimate reason to opt-out for a bit. Otherwise, the recovery can take longer- and we want to see you back in fighting-fit form soon :-) Have another dishcloth ;-)

Daniele said...

LOL - I thought you were done at 9??? You totally are addicted. :)

I agree with tinebeest. Dishcloths are good therapy! When you get tired, then knit a Washcloth instead. ;)

Dana said...

I have that same strawberry fabric--the one on the left with the green leaves. It was supposed to be curtains at our last house...never got used. Let me know if you need any extra--unlike the pajama pants I can probably help (but you probably won't need it.)

Hope you're feeling better! Take it easy...there's no rush...