Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick Update

* I have sent a desperate, begging email to the Craft Warehouse corporate headquarters to see if they can send me the correct beads from ANY store. I would have sent them a picture of how much knitting I will have to rip out if I can't match the beads, but their form wouldn't let me.

* The birthday poncho is finished (FINALLY) but missed the Ravelympics deadline by a few hours. Still, WIP #8 is done!

* I did some sewing on Saturday, and Sunday was taken up with canning tomatoes and pasta sauce using tomatoes. I'm not ready to discuss it just yet.

* The yarn I ordered to finish the shawl has indeed made it out of Colorado, reaching Salt Lake City on the 21st--and hasn't been heard from since. I am still hopeful, but why invest in a tracking system if you're only going to use it some of the time?

Rats, now it's back to that pesky "work" thing. It interferes so much with my knitting time!

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