Tuesday, July 22, 2008

21 WIPs!!!

I'm still amazed at the sheer number of Works in Progress. It's almost overwhelming.

Makes me want to cast on a new lace shawl.......


Bizarrely enough, I really do. How insane is that????? Wouldn't it make more sense if I had a mad desire to finish something?

Insane! Though, the does help explain the 21 WIPs left, doesn't it?

Luckily, we are the WIP Team, and everyone else is holding strong--I can as well. I can soon be at 4 WIPs finished in a row--a personal record. Heck, two in a row might have been a personal record, but four sounds better.

Tonight I have been working on Sitcom Chic. After a couple failed and very stupid attempts that had the sleeves inside-out, the sleeves are joined and the yoke decreases have begun.

Even better, there are 3 balls of yarn in use right now (I will do anything to avoid weaving in ends), so working on this project will allow me to move the stash-busting tally soonest. Such priorities in life!

I've heard from a couple people--how is everyone else doing?


Janet said...

Hi Toni,
Hold strong, don't cast on anything new, wait for me, lol. Where I am at is ---- almost finished re-knitting (int eh correct size) for 2 yr old grandson's Christmas sweater. I have re-knit this 3 times, ugh... First his mom said he was just in a size 2, then we were up to Minnesota to visit over the 4th and bought him an outfit, that was a size 3T, what a little porker, lol. Anyway, Grandma figured she better re-size the sweater to a 4 just to make sure it will fit at Christmas. I have about 4 inches left to knit on the front, then can sew the shoulder seams, sew the sleeves, and underam seams and do the neck ribbing and it will be finished, yeah!!!!
Then I have big brother's sweater to put together as well as big sister's. Should be able to post a picture by this weekend.
I know I promised a picture last week (or week before) but, having to re-knit the smallest one has put me behind!
Catch you later

Dana said...

Hey, Toni, you're doing great!

I don't have too many UFOs simply due to space and stash smallness. but I'm cheering for you. And as soon as I find the socks i started at Christmas, I'll finish them in your honor!

Kathleen C. said...

You go Toni!
I haven't joined in the fray because... honestly?... I know I'll cast on a new project before I finish what I have going. I just know I will.
BUT... though I don't really have too many WIPs right now (maybe 10? Many of which are mostly done), I am getting inspired by you to keep finishing!

So you keep going, and maybe you can drag the rest of us grumblers along with you!!!

Daniele said...

It seems that apparently you just start and stop projects at your whim.. I actually applaud this type of behavior. It means you were having fun. Okay, ALOT of fun... he he You can still have fun now, but not with a new project! Keep going sister!

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah... (welcome to your cheering section...)

Daniele aka mscreate.typepad.com