Monday, June 29, 2020

It's been a while..........

The new job is going well, but busy.  Idaho had shut down, reopened, and after reopening bars, is having huge spikes in coronavirus.  Lots of Fox News followers here, so they flip between the virus being some worldwide hoax against them or Trump, masks either don't let oxygen through OR won't stop virus particles--the really idiotic going with both--and certainly, not following protocols. 

Idaho has also had funnel clouds, an earthquake (with hundreds of aftershocks), flooding, and the mountains are getting snow today.  Our new term is "disaster exhaustion."  Thank heavens for crafting and kitties!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

And Now There Are Nine

Idaho got it's first confirmed corona virus case Friday, and we're already at 9 confirmed cases with at least 37 people being monitored.  Most cases were from people bringing it in, though I think 4 cases are untraced and are all in a pretty small population base, so it in the population in general in some areas.  Being a state that loathes government, the governor is leaving everything to counties and cities. so things are uneven and confusing with some cities acting quickly to stop the spread and others still pretending it's a hoax, so I'm sure THAT will turn out well.  Andy's company and my new company have already sent everyone home to work, so it's nice to be part of organizations taking this seriously.  Meanwhile,
Andy's Valentine's Day shirt is finished except for some hand stitching and buttons.  Clearly, not exactly on time. 

I'm still on the Spicy Spiral marathon,
and will be frantically finishing this one
for a charity auction for my local Boys & Girls club.  Normally, their major fundraiser would be coming up in just a few weeks, but it's had to be cancelled because of coronavirus, just at the same time demand for their services is going up, so we're switching to just an online auction.  There's always an online portion, but that is usually donated items like restaurant gift cards.  This year, that's a bit more problematic because I don't know any restaurants not hurting for money, so I'll probably go buy a gift card or two to put with this, and Andy is donating a piece he made with the new laser cutter, and we'll hope for the best....and send them a check. 

The cats are loving having the humans home,
 though Charlie gets a bit impatient when there isn't enough sewing happening:
 I've also been doing some gardening, and we have our first flower:
This week I'm choosing to be excited even about a weed blooming.  I think the world needs a splash of spring color right about now, don't you think?

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Those Were Fast Months

And we're already into March. WOW.

Updates in no particular order:

* I was offered a very exciting job on Friday and also had an interview for another great job that morning, so it was a REALLY great day. 

*  Charlie has now experienced catnip:
* My parents are moved into their new house and are loving it.  Their housewarming gift is in progress:
The colors are a bit more subdued than the picture.  For the most part, I like my new phone, but the picture colors are overly intense. 

*  While trying to find fabrics that I thought would work for the fall colors they wanted, I found some fat quarter sets on clearance, so I'm on a Spicy Spiral binge, this being the latest:
 Charlie is helping:
 *  We're gone through so many gifts lately that I've been working on bowls as well,
 including working out some new shapes:
* I finished the socks I was working on, and immediately cast on a new pair:
because self-patterning sock yarns enchant me.  The plan is to keep these,unless I've forgotten a birthday or other gifting necessity before the next pair is finished. 

*  The job-hunting process has been very intense the last two months, with lots of phone screens, interviews, and ghosting by recruiters, as well as one very memorable experience with a credit union that asked for an application, then a personality test that they swore was important, then a phone screen, in-person interview on a snowstorm day where I got to wait in the lobby for half an hour BEFORE my interview, only to have them decide that none of us were good enough for their not even high-level position, so they threw all of us out and started over.  To add insult to injury, they're rated as one of the top employers in Idaho, but as are wages are among the lowest in the nation, that might not be saying that much.

* No matter what kind of decent behavior I swear I'm going to exhibit, I can NOT be trusted with a credit card and a flower catalog in February.

* We have been going at SUCH a fast pace that this is our NOTHING weekend--nothing scheduled, no plans, not having anyone over--which took several weeks to make happen. 

* We've decided that the window for our Valentine's handmade gift exchange is really anytime before the nest Valentine's day rolls along.  I got part of Andy's new shirt cut out, and if we can distract Charlie long enough, I hope to cut out the rest today. 

*  We've decided that we might not be good season-ticket sort of people, as it feels like adding pressure to an already busy schedule, but we did enjoy finally seeing STOMP a couple weeks ago, though the show lasts about 30 minutes longer than our interest in percussive exploration does. 

*  Idaho does not yet have the corona virus, but Idaho DOES have corona virus panic.  We hadn't thought about it, until mistakenly deciding to stop by Costco on the way home last Sunday and experiencing Black Friday level crowds hoarding toilet paper, but still crowding around all those food samplings and snaffling them off the trays touched by hundreds of other shoppers' hands. 

 *  My hellebores are getting ready to bloom, and either they take longer to go from bud to bloom than ANY other flower, or I am just super-anxious for some early color.  I check them twice a day.  :)

*  We're hoping things are a bit less hectic going forward.  Or hectic in new ways.  That would work as well............

Saturday, January 11, 2020

I Used The Glue Gun Without Burning Myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure I'll have a prouder accomplishment all year--or a more surprising one.  I think I have a few fingerprints left.

Andy is gone for the weekend, so the kitties and I are having a crafting weekend.  With their help,
 I finished the first project of the year.
The colors are a bit more subdued in real life, but I don't know how to reduce the intensity of this cell phone's camera.  I also cut some more strips for other projects, and wound another Hank from Hell:
 A couple years ago I bought some Feza Rio that was on clearance, and for a cashmere/merino blend, it's not at all soft, and until this yarn, I didn't know one could hank yarn badly, but there does seem to be a way to do it so unevenly that permanent kinks are put into the yarn, and if that weren't enough fun, rather than being normal human beings who tie the ends into the threads holding the hank in place, these deranged maniacs tied the two ends together and snipped off the ends so that the only way to find them is to dig through the strands inch by inch.  And since it is a scratchy yarn, the rounds of yarn get caught on each other.  Probably serves me right for impulse buying yarn because it was on sale, but I'm rather hoping the current project doesn't require all 5 hanks. 

11 days down, 49 projects to go.  I can do this!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

And We're Off.........

Happy new year everyone!

So, I didn't reach either of my crafting goals for last year, but I did use up 96 yards of fabric, which would really be making a dent in the stash if I hadn't also bought quite a bit of fabric last year.  Oops.

There were a few late-finish projects, like another teal rope bowl,
more flannel pajamas which I am currently wearing, and another rope bowl which was promptly gifted:
Since I had to work the day after and day before Christmas, we decided to not have our traditional open house & game night, and instead had fun making homemade falafel and pitas--with Charlie helping herself to a pita,
hanging out in the trees,
helping organize the sewing room,
and enjoying some new toys from a friend:
Valentino has been slowest to warm to Charlie, probably because HE was the baby before her, but she's determined to wear him down:
For New Year's Eve, I won a trip for two to Phoenix to attend a Jim Brickman concert (enter to win a trip for two to Las Vegas here), and while like so many songwriters, I knew his songs but not his name, we had a great time.  Jim and his staff are really nice people, and we spent a day at the Music Instrument Museum, which is wonderful.  I'm not a huge fan of Arizona because of its politics, so I wouldn't have visited on my own, but it is interesting to see an area driven by old age.  There are doctors and hospitals EVERYWHERE, dinner specials start at 4:00, and we learned that there are "silver alerts" to notify residents that a senior who shouldn't be driving has taken a vehicle and is now loose on the roads, which is unnerving to learn while on the freeway.  Um, yeah....

 Of course, a trip needs travel knitting, and since none of my existing projects were a good candidate,
I started a new sweater.  It's on size 3 needles, so not a fast project, but it made a great travel project.  However, I think this makes sweater WIP #20 or something ridiculous like that, so I think it's time to finish a few of them.  As soon as I find them all..........