Sunday, September 30, 2018

Apparently, One Should Never Joke About Colds...

....because it guarantees that you'll get one.  Last Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary, and I rounded out the evening by coming down with a sore throat and cold.  Clearly, celebrating milestones with wild abandon is a BIG part of our marriage.....:)

We had declared Saturday a DAY OFF, so I spent the day with the quilt
and went on a towel marathon:
My embroidery machine is having issues again, but I'm able to coax it through designs with only a few color changes.  I'm seriously thinking about getting a new machine in December as I'm now avoiding projects because of the machine's problems, but getting a few things made helps.  The fur-brigade was thrilled:
They're pretty certain the sewing room is just for them.  Isn't everything?

Being sick did give me extra knitting time,
so the birthday trip scarf is now done. Yay!  And before jumping straight to the new sweater, I spent some more time with the Kauni cardigan, then finished the scarf I've been keeping in the car--bringing me to FOUR knitting projects for the year.  Whew!  Watch my speed.....

I was seriously tempted to cast on the new sweater, but I ran across this over the weekend,
 and as I love this yarn, it would count as another WIP for the fall stashdash, AND it's on size 11 needles, I've been working on it.  I love fast projects!!!!!!!  The large needles do wear out my hands eventually, so I did end up checking gauge and casting on the new yarn
which is completely fabulous.  It's so soft--totally worth waiting three years for.

This weekend there's been more knitting than sewing as I've needed to rest still, and we're having some wonderful fall weather finally,
 so today was a walk, gardening, and rest.  And lots and lots of kitty time--isn't there always?


Caffeine Girl said...

I love your birthday scarf. Such a pretty lace pattern!
I love fast projects, too, but I also love the finished projects of the longer ones. Sweaters take me forever, but once they are done, I use them and love them -- often more than the quick, fun knits.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear your sick, I join you. Sore throat, then headache, then congestion, then cough....sore throat better, but it's been a week. Sadly I was out of the country when it hit. On tour in Italy, have the tour group was, what are you gonna do, but play through. Dinner has been poured...........oh my LOVE it!! Can someone work on your machine to save you from buying another? LOVE the blue scarf, what pattern did you use, it's so pretty and lacy.

Mereknits said...

Hope you are feeling much better by now. Rest!

Sandy said...

Blog walking again this am. Still sneezing, and voice isn't totally back to normal yet, so I understand where you're coming from. Hopefully you feel better now.

Sandy said...

Me out blog walking again this morning. Hope you're better by now and will be back to blogging soon.