Sunday, April 8, 2018

Maybe 1000

So I have a little app on my phone that I use to track how long it has been since I last bought yarn and fabric.  Yesterday  I saw my yarn counter was at 999, so excited and, frankly, amazed that today would be day 1000 since last buying yarn, I opened it up to see....999.  (Fabric, BTW, is at 16--I'm struggling a bit on that front.)  So, my counter can't go any farther.  I do at least know that July 15 will be 3 years on the sheep, but I think I need a new counter as I don't think a once-a-year anniversary is strong enough to help me cling to my sheep.  I need incentives!  Preferably ones that don't include buying things.  'Cause I have fabric for that.

This weekend I've been doing our taxes (ICK), but I rewarded myself with sewing breaks, so
the new quilt is progressing.  There were indeed two nights this week when I could pop up and sew the pinned pieces, and I even amazed myself by ironing and pinning the next pieces together before stopping for the evening.   This is a great project for after work as it's pretty simple and no fussy bits--or at least not yet.  We've become a bit obsessed by dragonflies since moving to the new house as there are several of them that live near the pond in our yard, and so we spent many evenings watching the dragonflies last summer, so it's become the theme for the house.  One of the themes.  Humans bullied by demanding cats is another predominant theme around here. 


Mereknits said...

1,000 days, you amaze me! I had to have a look back and I have not bought yarn since December and that was for a specific project. so that puts me at four months and I have to say I have no desire to buy any right now. I am on a stash purge and I am going strong. For the first time in my memory I am under 20,000 yards in my stash. I still have much to use but it is getting to be a manageable size. Love the quilt Toni, well done.

RobinH said...

Outstanding progress on the new quilt! It's amazing how much you can get done in bits if you're organized and persistent. (Cats, however succeed with just persistance. Not so much on the organization.)

handmade by amalia said...

You are an example to us all, Toni. I'm still fighting the addiction :-)