Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Thanks Everyone

Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone.  Callisto wasn't always the nicest cat, but I had her for 13 years and when she wanted to be, she was funny and charming and used to hide in my closet and the only way I would know she was in there was when the closet started purring when I walked in.  Theo has taken to sitting on my feet, so I think we're both missing her.

We knew she wasn't going to last much longer, and after watching Theo searching the house for her, we decided to find him some friends.  Meet the latest additions:
Venus and Milo are settling in well, and so far Theo mostly isn't interested.  We're introducing them slowly as recommended, but Theo wasn't showing the least bit of interest in them through a closed door, so we've let him get a few glimpses of them here and there. It's been a pretty eventful time for him, but luckily he likes the new sewing room,
including the view, and sometimes I find him up there without me.  There hasn't been any actual sewing yet, but at least it sort of LOOKS like a sewing room.
Although with all the liquor boxes everywhere, maybe the sewing room of an alcoholic.  The temporary desk Andy built for me years ago survived the move better than we anticipated, especially since we never had any intention of taking it apart and moving when he built it.  Funny to realize we weren't even THINKING about moving at this time last year.

Unpacking feels like it's going slowly.  Last week I didn't break down any of the boxes as I unpacked them just so I could see some progress,
but when we stopped being able to get through the house, we had to haul them to recycling.  There's another truckload almost ready to go again, so I must be making progress--whether or not it feels like it.

My plan for unpacking in the sewing room is to examine everything as I unpack it to make sure I really want it.  These
didn't make the cut.  I don't even know what I intended to do with it, but 405 yards out of the stash is what I AM doing with it.  A few books and magazines have followed.  We got rid of a lot before the move, but a second look can't hurt. And maybe a third and fourth......... 


kayT said...

When we moved I took loads of things to Goodwill. As I unpacked I took more (luckily our house is only ten blocks from Goodwill). Then after being here about a year we decided to take out all the carpet and put tile throughout the house, so we had to pack up a lot of things...and make some more Goodwill runs. So, you can plan on many more things to be put in the NO pile!

kayT said...

And I forgot to say, so sorry for your loss of the kitty, and how adorable are the new ones. Callisto was such a beauty and no matter what, we miss them when they leave us.

Mereknits said...

Toni, I am so sorry about your loss. I have been completely off the radar with work and a sick son who spent four days in the hospital. All is well now but I am so behind. I am sending you a big hug and congrats on the new additions.

Nicky said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss and congratulations on your new home. I've been away from the internet for a while so I've missed a lot from all my cyber friends like you.

bittenbyknittin said...

A big welcome to Venus and Milo!

RobinH said...

You are making splendid progress! Venus and Milo appear to be rather young- I hope they are up to the challenge of being your unpacking assistants. Your yard is beautiful! I hope things will be calmer now, and you will all have a chance to settle in.