Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I think it counts for Me Made May that I am lounging in my penguin pajamas while drinking my coffee.
I haven't used pajamas for Me-Made Mondays, but Me-Made-May is a bit more of a challenge.

Today I have a phone interview, but the rest of the day will be high-gear cleaning.  Yesterday for excitement I took my valuable jewelry to the bank to store in our safe deposit box.  And it WAS exciting.  Seriously, I walked into the bank and didn't have to check their paint for spots or their carpet or anything--truly exciting. 

Yesterday launched the second Race To The Bottom challenge on Ravelry.  In 18 months, the idea is to use up (or donate) 30,000 yards OR use up the rest of one's stash.  I failed abysmally at the first challenge, but this time I saved the two skeins of acrylic to donate DURING this challenge to give me a bit of a boost, as my knitting time has pretty much evaporated right now.  It would take me closer to 18 YEARS to knit up my yarn stash, but maybe there's an unforeseen point in the whole selling/moving thing that will entail lots of free time for knitting.  I have my doubts, but it's a nice fantasy to have right now.....


bittenbyknittin said...

I keep complaining about not being able to find PJs I like. If I would just learn to sew (and I have a machine), I could make my own. DUH! I've been contemplating downsizing. If I did, I would hire someone to do a deep cleaning. Well worth the money in my book. But then, I'm old. ;-) Houses are selling really fast here - hope you have good luck! (There is some myth about burying a statue of St Joseph in your yard to help sell it. Can't hurt!)

kayT said...

You are joking; use up all my stash? Hah. Knitting 24/7 for 247 years, maybe. And donate? My stash? No!

But never mind; just you keep on dreaming about all the time you will have for knitting soon, any day now. Yeah.