Sunday, January 8, 2017

We Have A First Finished Project!

The second Santa stripe table runner is done,
and aside from not realizing the lines wouldn't line up once I stitched the seams, I'm pleased with them.  And I've started two MORE table runners with fabric strips cut from my college fabric prints:
and now that we can take a break from Snowmageddon, I'm hoping to clear off my craft table enough to maybe cut out this,
which is one of my "allowed" purchases which just arrived.  It's a nicer flannel in a very dark hunter green.  Andy has been wearing the flannel shirt I made him so much that I wanted one for myself.  And this,
is a Polartec fleece that I'll be using to make Andy a shirt for Valentine's Day.  I found this fabric in 2015, I think, so not deep stash, but stash all the same.  And they're both Warm Things.  Honestly, my hometown has at least twice as much snow as we do right now, so it's not like I didn't grow up with bad winters, but potential power outages with no non-electric heat source is a new thing, as is 2 feet of snow that never gets plowed.  And being able to shovel snow with my back/hip is one thing. 

Being able to then LIFT the snow onto a pile the height of my shoulder is another thing entirely.  After yesterday, I wasn't even sure I'd be able to get out of bed today, but aside from just being a bit sore, I'm good.  Sick of winter, but good.  However, if we could get a day off from shoveling, that would be good.  Maybe like a week.  Done for the season would work well, too..............


RobinH said...

Holy cow, you guys are getting hammered! And it's not even mid-January. I hope you manage to keep your power. Also, I bet everyone who ever gave you funny looks because of all the yarn is starting to see your point now.

We've only had a couple of small storms in NH. Yesterday we picked up a few inches, and it's been cold. Not wildly- it's just seasonal, but I'm still ready to cuddle up to a cat or three. I hope Theo and Calisto are doing their part to keep you and Andy warm.

Yay for the first FO, too!

Mereknits said...

Oh boy that is a lot of snow. Hope you are indeed taking care of your back and hip. Hugs,