Monday, January 23, 2017


I had actually forgotten about Me Made Mondays, but later I'll be donning this
 to go out and deal with this:
Yes, it's snowing again.  And had I checked the weather forecast, I might not have done a second set of arm exercises at the gym last night, but sometimes you just don't want to know.  They stopped discussing record snowfall about 3 or 4 storms ago.  I wish people would stop calling each other "snowflakes" to imply fragility.  They've obviously ticked off Snow Miser,
who is taking it out on the northwest.  There is NOTHING fragile about snowflakes when they unite.  More than 50 buildings in the town closest to where I grew up have collapsed under the weight of snow, including the grocery store.  And it's only January.

I am crafting today.  I've made progress on the new flannel shirt,
and am trying out some of the new embroidery designs, starting with towels

followed by a new icicles design,
 and hopefully building up to more towels: 
Did I mention there were SEVERAL new embroidery sets?  Ahem........


Amy at love made my home said...

I remember watching a tv programme about Yellowstone and in the winter there is a man who goes round, climbs on the roofs of all of the buildings and cuts the snow into great big blocks and then pushes them off of the roof. That is all to stop the weight of snow crushing the buildings. So I agree, snow is heavy stuff isn't it!!

RobinH said...

We have not had near the snow you have, but I did go out and shovel this morning. And that flannel shirt looks all kinds of sensible right now! I love the music staff Christmas tree.