Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hitting A Few Snags.........

I ended up resting yesterday--including taking some afternoon Nyquil so I could nap--but there was some knitting.  While I'm very proud of myself for working on an older WIP, mohair and Nyquil don't really mix, so it was perhaps a mixed blessing that when I reached the end of the first ball of yarn, I had to stop because the rest of the yarn was in the lace bin, which is UNDER two others.  So not a lot of progress yesterday, but I feel a lot better today.  So much so that first thing I went looking for these
 which, when all used up, will still leave my lace bin looking like this:
At least the lid closes easily.  AND it is one of the smaller Rubbermaid bins--not the large ones that house my fabric.  Did I mention the weakness for lace yarns?

I'd like to say that the sewing room looks much roomier without the fleece, but I still have a long way to go.  Part of me is wondering if using up 100 yards this year would make a visible dent even, but I try not to listen to THAT voice.  I am pretty much shooting for 100 yards this year, and the rest of me is pretending it will make a huge, huge, HUGE difference.  HUGE.

I have been moving this little pile of strips around for about a month.  I sorted them out to make more table runners,
but the strip sets would each make 2 strata, or enough for one table runner IF I remembered to cut them out correctly.  Which is why there were two of these,
because I didn't.  I didn't have enough strips already cut to make 4 strip sets of each set, so I decided to put them back into the box until I was ready to cut more strips.  Sure, I think that I know how to get it right, but with my history, it's hard to be optimistic.  Besides--Valentine's Day is coming.

In general, I think Valentine's Day is ridiculous.  If you aren't in a relationship, or if the relationship is going badly, it's a pretty rotten day.  And if you ARE in a relationship that is going well, isn't it nicer to do things for each other because one WANTS to, rather than just because there's a sickly-sweet holiday driven by advertising that says one should?  Instead, we take it as an opportunity to make each other gifts--Christmas being too stressful and busy for such a thing.  Andy loves the shirt I made him last year,
so I was really excited when I ran across this print during my "last hurrah" online shopping:
Fun, right?  I've washed and ironed the fabric, and was just making a mental note to make sure I get the people all going the same way when I noticed that they'll all be sideways if I cut the pattern out normally.  


While I do wear a summer dress on which the palm trees are right-side-up on the back and upside-down on the front, that is because I didn't notice I'd messed up until it was done.  I can NOT cut out a shirt with sideways people.  So, I get to try laying out a pattern cross-grain, praying that the extra half-yard makes it work.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Luckily for my sanity (what is left of it, at any rate), these arrived yesterday from some friends living in Germany for the year:
CHRISTMAS FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Two cottons with metallic accents, and a lovely tapestry panel that will make a lovely pillow.  I got new fabric without having to break my no-purchasing rule!!!!!!!  And they're Christmas fabrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If I survive this shirt fiasco, I get to play with them.  That seems fair.........

Hm, this is making knitting with mohair look pretty good right now..............


Anita Palmer said...

Hope you feel better soon. And super glad you noticed the side waze people befor cutting!!!!

Mereknits said...

And you got new fabric from Germany!!! Woo Hoo. Hope you feel better and get lots of sleep tonight.

Amy at love made my home said...

Keep going and remember, everything that you use us a reduction in stash! xx