Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crafting Vacation - Day 2

I think the bronchitis has hung on for over a month now--usually not really severe and never bad enough to be pneumonia or anything worse--but I am getting tired of it, not to mention the Robitussen.  It does keep the cough at bay, but is there really anything that tastes as nasty as cherry-flavored cough syrup?

Andy flies home tonight, so I took a slow morning with my coffee and finished this:
which is project number 112!   I don't like the colors quite as well as the one in sparkly blue and white
 that was Finished Project 104, but I am a bit obsessed with the sparkly blue and white:
Okay--maybe a LOT obsessed.  As you might have guessed, one of the trees is done in blue and white this year.  The other
 is more traditional--and pretty much has ALL the non-blue ornaments.  And we're using the first stockings I made for us,
We're not hosting a Christmas party this year, but it's still fun to have the house decorated. 

Andy gets back tonight and tomorrow I'll need to get back to wrapping & shipping gifts, working on Christmas cards, and I'm sorting through things to find things we don't need which can be donated, so today is crafting day part 2 and I need THREE more finished projects.  Or I could just get some progress done on the purple corduroy jacket.  Or any of the other "in progress" projects laying about. 

One day......3 projects.............