Monday, September 21, 2015

Crafting Vacation!

Andy took a 4-day weekend to go camping, so I used the time to take a little mini-vacation of my own. First up,
the fleece pullover!  Finished and washed Thursday, delivered to our friend on Saturday.  Then things sort of stumbled a bit.

My fabric stash is not all accounted for, but I really am trying to stay focused on Me Made Mondays for next year as well as the idea that I need to use my fabrics before it fades in the sunlight or a vole gets loose in the sewing room and CAN'T be found.  This
 is 4 1/2 yards of microsuede.  It's early stash, so rather than one of my nice little index cards, it just had a torn paper saying it was 4 1/2 yards and no suggestion as to what it might have been FOR.  Of course, there probably wasn't a purpose as much of the early stash was bought on clearance when the 2 small Joanns stores here were getting ready to combine into the terrible "Super" store, which has never had a great selection of apparel fabrics.  I washed it and hung it over the upstairs railing to dry, and it will become a shirt for each of us--probably Andy's Valentine gift for 2016, as I did already have a project picked out to work on for the weekend.
For those of you who don't sew, pattern yardage requirements and layouts are based on two fabric widths:  45-inch and 60-inch.  FABRIC, however, comes in far more widths.  This particular gem was probably more along the lines of 56-inches wide, because even with trimming seam allowances, changing collar options, I still had this
which wasn't going to fit.  Because it was Friday, I made a mad dash to Joanns to see if I could find another half yard because Joanns on a Saturday is NO ONE'S idea of a vacation.  Luckily, they had it, I have everything cut out--we're just not on speaking terms yet.  So while it languished in the Project Protection Bin, I worked on the two Christmas table runners.  And here's a little tip:  if you are annoyed with another project, this is not the time to attempt free-motion quilting.  Unless, of course, you're after a more jagged all-over pattern--then it probably helps a great deal. 

They aren't pretty, but even I don't really care once a runner is finished and on the table.

The weather was beautiful most of the time, so I did a 4-, 3-, and a 6-mile walk during my vacation, which is my best walking since our trip to Colorado.  I haven't been able to do 6 miles in a long time, so that was exciting. Tiring, but exciting.  And I can't free-motion quilt for long periods of time, so it was an on/off thing for two days.  I did get them finished,

 and they're okay.  Not bad, just not my favorites.  I'll be finding something else to do with the remaining strips, but I think I'm ready for Christmas!

Saturday this arrived!
 One of my closest friends won a Fulbright scholarship to study math in Germany for a year, so for my birthday she sent me a German plaque for the kitchen and yarn!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!

Speaking of yarn,
there wasn't much knitting.  I need this to be done by mid October, so of course, I want to cast on everything new.  I even caught myself sorting clothes in my closet, which might be a new personal low for a vacation activity.  I think I redeemed myself, however, by finishing this:
I have no idea how long it will last because the fabric just isn't right for this, but doesn't it look great?  I added edge-stitching all the way around the edge (including where the collar joins the body) to stabilize it because it really wasn't going to lay well without it and the fabric might stretch or sag, but I still love this jacket.  It isn't warm at all, one might see a dark shirt through it, but I'll love it while it lasts.  :)