Saturday, June 20, 2015

Me Made Mondays?

While catching up on blogs last night, I ran across a post on the Sew News site called "Me Made Monday."  I've heard of "Me Made May," and have even thought about trying it, but the timing is just too difficult.  The idea is that every day in May, or on every Monday, one would wear something he or she made.  As a knitter, having the challenge span the entire year would make it much, much easier.  Conversely, I have sewn more summer clothes than winter, so a challenge spanning all seasons would make a lot of sense. 

Have I found my crazy challenge for 2016??????????????


Mereknits said...

I think you just might have. I work on Monday's with kids who spit up on me so that is not happening in my world.

RobinH said...

Hah! I think I have already met and surmounted this challenge! Because when you have enough handknit socks, every day is Me Made Day. Okay, there are some days I don't wear socks because it is too hot. But none of them are work days, which Mondays usually are.