Friday, May 15, 2015

The Good News Is.....

.....I found approximately 20 yards of white cotton in my stash:
The bad news  (besides not knowing that I had 20 yards of something squirreled away) is that this is what 20 yards of fabric looks like.  To date, I've used up just over 26 yards of fabric--mostly in cotton--so this is just about exactly the physical stash reduction so far this year.  EKE!  Fleece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I need to sew with fleece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other good news is:  I have graduated to 6 weeks between physical therapy appointments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That would be even MORE exciting if my backside didn't still ache from yesterday.  To be fair, the spot that has hurt at almost all previous appointments didn't hurt at all, and I had just relaxed and was starting to even enjoy the backside massage until she got to the two unexpected sore spots.  Once she peeled me off the ceiling it did probably help, but that little flicker of hope was cruel, just cruel......


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Mereknits said...

I was just wondering how could you have 20 yards of fabric you did not remember it!