Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Have Glimpsed Eternity........

......and it looks a lot like a table runner. I'll just let you know if there's anything remotely resembling progress, shall I?

In the meantime,
I have finished Andy's Valentine shirt--and it was a week early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Almost makes up for a quilt that is now 8 years late, right?)  I even had some cool buttons in the stash that work with the general motif,
and it's been washed and is now waiting for nice weather.  Aren't we all?

While continually sewing strips together for the table runners, I had sewn pieces together for 12 new kimono ornaments, and
have 6 new ornaments to keep,
and 6 for the gift bin.  The six we're keeping are all new color schemes using fabrics I dug out for the spicy-spiral table runners, and the red fabric is now out of the stash.  It was probably only a yard to begin with and one yard doesn't make the slightest dent in the fabric stash, but it's exciting all the same.  I sometimes hesitate to use something because then it will be all gone, so it's a big step.  Just with very little yardage..................


Anita said...

Fondly thinking of warmer weather for the new shirt! We also had a sighting of spring today with temps in the mid 50s.

Love those kimono ornaments. The new colors are great. Congrats on the 30 day mark.

RobinH said...

YES, YES WE ARE WAITING FOR WARMER WEATHER. *sigh* The PJs look comfy and the new kimono ornaments are adorable! I need to get some sewing mojo on myself.