Friday, December 19, 2014

Finishing Friday - FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not wrapping anything and will only be sending Christmas cards if I need some time on the heating pad today (which is probable as I had physical therapy yesterday).  This morning, I am crafting!!!!!!!!!

Melodye had a great suggestion for the problem table runners--either doubling the stabilizer or using tissue paper.  I always forget how useful tissue paper can be in the sewing room--apparently I prefer to struggle with things.  But having a PLAN prompted me to stitch up the remaining little monsters strips this morning, which is when I discovered that the problem was in the tan fabric itself.  It's a quilters cotton I bought from Hancock Fabrics, and it is bizarrely stretchy for cotton.  All woven cotton stretches on the bias and a bit in the crosswise direction, but I struggled to even get the strips sewn onto the darn stuff.  I'm not a good quilter, but usually even I can manage straight seems on square pieces.  At least this explains the problems with embroidery--the fabric is stretching too much.  So, I decided to try a fusible shirt tailor interfacing on them,  It's maybe a mid-weight stabilizer and so far,
so good.  I have been so irritated with this fabric that I might have been tempted to abandon them for a bit, but 1) I want my crafting table back and 2) I promised myself I could play with this
After physical therapy I stopped at Joann Fabrics to pick up more white patterned cotton for kimono ornaments,
because I've cut up all I had and am still adding Christmas fabrics.  I haven't ever bought a jelly roll before, (and, of course, have tons and tons and TONS of fabric), but ever since I got this book I have been dying to try making something from it,
 and thought the best way would be to cut extra strips from each cotton as I got them out for other things.  While this is working fine in theory,
because I took a break from fall fabrics and switched to Christmas for kimonos, I haven't gotten enough strips of anything even close to working together.  So, if I finish all THREE remaining table runners AND find a spot on the table (another story), I can play with my new toy!!!!!!!!