Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crafting Apocalypse?

It's been sort of a wild few days around here.  Wednesday was a good friend's birthday, and she and her sister (whose birthday was last month) were going to be here on Thursday, and I was so pleased with the ukulele pillow AND both of them also play the ukulele, so I decided they each needed a pillow, and was working madly to get them done for Thursday. 

My embroidery software gives me the option to import text files from my computer, but it doesn't guarantee that they will work well.  In fact,
 while I was able to struggle through to get the text to come out on the first pillow, it ate a hole in the second one:
I knew this text had been a HUGE pain on the very first pillow, but I liked how it looked well enough to try to baby it through two more designs.  I am SO sorry to see the end of this particular fabric.  I think it was something cheap I bought when I first started sewing, but it's been great to work with for bags and pillows, and was a perfect nondescript tweedy-stone color that went with everything.  Some part of me keeps insisting it was $2 a yard on clearance somewhere, but that's probably the same part that always wants me to buy ALL the sale fabric just in case.  Obviously, I listen to that little voice WAY more than I should. 

Last week I had picked up a new neutral home decorating fabric (also on clearance, but at $5 a yard, not two). but to be on the safe side, I decided to redo the font.  Which is when I managed to delete the entire lettering tab from my embroidery software.  Entire page--just gone.  Not on the drop down menu, not moved, not an option to reselect--Totally and utterly GONE.  I even had Andy check.  He tried running a repair on the software, which did nothing, so finally we had to remove the program and reinstall it entirely.  Once the software was reloaded and I was running through the set up, Andy asked me if there was anything else I needed help with, I blithely answered "Nope, all good." and he took off for an evening run.  Now as you all know, nothing makes computers misbehave faster than the absence of the tech-savvy member of the family.  No sooner was he out of frustrated-crafter-screaming range than the stupid software decided that it couldn't find the little dongle that makes it run.  Husqvarna neither supports nor helps in any way with their software, but they want to make sure that THEY are the ones ripping you off and not a third party, so you have to have a dongle AND a software key to make sure that the software they don't even sell anymore wasn't given to you by someone who has decided that they are the devil and has gone over to Bernina.  I still had the dongle, but the computer couldn't find it.  On the one hand, it got me to dust all around the computer including the back and the power supply, but it couldn't find the dongle until I had changed ports and restarted the machine.  Andy had more fun on his run. 

Once I finally DID get the computer program working, I redid the design, burned it onto the card............and the machine wouldn't correctly read the card--it kept chirping and blinking two hoop sizes at me like it did when the circuit board that STARTED the whole repair nightmare with my machine started.  Almost sobbing, I emailed the new 2-hours-away dealer to say that my circuit board might be failing again, and since spare parts take 2-3 MONTHS for Husqvarna, would it be possible to preorder one.  Larry quickly emailed me back to say that he had the part on hand already.  MADE MY NIGHT.  If the part does go out, Larry will take care of it and I will cheerfully pay him because I know how much a good dealer is worth. 

Thursday morning, I finally got everything working and was able to get the second pillow made, 
and they were a huge hit.  Thank heavens.  And since I was on a crafting roll,
I finished the ribbon table runner!  It has issues (don't we all?), but I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I did something totally not symmetrical!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is very, very big for me.  I'm not sure if anyone else would like it, but I love it. 

in spite of the rather vivid new colors for my embroidery designs, Jeeves and I made the first Santa bag!
And Jeeves didn't have a single issue.  I made mistakes, of course, and my little sidekick
ditched me when he deemed the swearing too severe, but Jeeves worked perfectly.  Fingers crossed that it was all just a problem with the software reload.  If I have to pay someone, no one deserves it more than Larry, but it would be nice to not need a circuit board for a few more years.  Then I could buy some new feet from Larry instead....................................