Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Or Not........

I think it might have been the horror at the very idea of going near Joann Fabrics, but yesterday I ended up with an upset stomach and spent most of the day resting.  I suppose some people might have put such time to good use and worked on the project with the biggest looming deadline, but I always have to be different.  I spent the day with
a different mohair project!  It's a year and a half old now, and the pattern calls for 19 32-row pattern repeats, and yesterday I finished number 11.  Believe it or not, I can get extremely excited about checking off another set, so stomach issues aside, I had a pretty good day.  It's in the ostrich plume stitch pattern, so I could work on it without consulting the pattern on every row--unlike the new mohair pattern--so I listened to an audio book and knit for much of the day.  I broke my WIP-finishing streak, but I still want to finish them, and this would be a BIG one to finish.  And now it's more than 55% done!  Honestly, I did well at math in school, but I never got excited about it until it involved yarn.

And it was good to get some progress on a WIP, because this year again I'm going to be joining

March Sweater Madness!

Technically, my sweater from LAST year isn't finished yet, but 1. It is actually pretty far along and I am insane enough to think that if I finish the new sweater soon enough, I can finish last year's during March as well, and 2.  I'll be looking though my queue to find something that ISN'T made with size 4 needles, and 3.  I still have 2 1/2 days to work on those WIPs.................