Thursday, January 2, 2014


I have my first Finished Project of the year:
which I technically could have finished before the end of the year, but a head-start can't hurt.  Especially when one has been sick for a week. 

We're very lucky, however. We have had "His" and "Hers" get-well kitties.  Callisto kept Andy company in the back room,
 while Theo has hung out with me in our room--here enjoying a pillow-fort Andy built for him:
No, our cats aren't spoiled in the slightest.

I thought I might even be showing you a second finished project today,
but the Baby Surprise Jacket didn't get finished today.  It's moving right along however.  The turquoise yarn wasn't listed in my Ravelry stash, which is a bit disconcerting as I would have sworn that after moving everything out of and back INTO the sewing room I finally had all the yarn accounted for, but I guess I missed one.  I had discovered the error in time for yesterday's tally to be correct with this addition, but I'm really hoping there aren't more I haven't counted.  I can't imagine where they might be lurking. 

And, f i n a l l y, my order from Jo-Ann Fabrics arrived.  After their long delays, dumping of much of my order, and no communication from them, they topped off the whole experience with:
Does this look white to you???????????????????????????????  I know they pay their staff so little that they aren't going to attract Harvard grads or anything, but a PERSON initialed that label, and even someone with no knowledge of fabric whatsoever could have grasped that there was a problem with this "white crepe back satin."  I was going to make white satin Christmas stockings this year, but that will be for another time--and store. 

Being Jo-Anns, it wasn't an isolated problem.  This:
was supposed to be variegated embroidery thread that I thought might look interesting on one of the rope bowls.  To round out the entire fun-filled experience, there was no packing slip enclosed which is required for returns to Joanns.  I waited until I was under the calming effects of cold medicine to call "customer service" and ask them to remedy the problem.  I just can't for the life of me understand their company philosophy, but the whole experience so soured me on purchasing that this next year might be a snap.............