Monday, October 6, 2014

Knitting on a Knitting Blog????

Probably quite a shock around here, huh?

So, since I have taken a break from Cold Sheeping, I have been thinking about what I would buy before climbing back onto the sheep for 2015.  I want some new wool colors for the color work ornaments,
especially some greens and metallics if I can find them.  Then, of course, I started browsing lace yarn--of which I need nothing and have room for even less--then started checking out sock yarn.  Some plain colors in sock yarn and maybe some self-patterning is a possibility, but of course I started moving from "some" to a whole bunch--rationalizing that it would be my next project for gifts.

Ever had one of those moments when your rationalizations to do something sort of stupid sound a bit familiar?  Sort of deja dumb?  In 2011 in a self-pity-wallow yarn purchase, I had bought 8 or 9 balls of dk-weight mohair, planning to make mohair hats for all my friends for Christmas.  3 years later, there is one hat-like mohair monstrosity,
which I kept because I like my friends too much for this sort of thing, and I still have the rest of the yarn.  And, of course, the thought process isn't, "Well, obviously I don't need anymore yarn."  Being ME, it was, "Gosh, if I knit some of that mohair up, I wouldn't feel so stupid buying sock yarn."  I think before Cold Sheeping, there wouldn't have been any of this discussion at all, so I think this is progress.  And,
it did get a scarf finished.  So, maybe yarn for 1 ball of socks...........?


RobinH said...

Scaling's learning behavior! I know what you mean about the sock yarn...I have enough for 4-5 pairs queued up (and it's only that low because I'm on my 11th pair of socks for the year). So I'm resisting buying more, even though I'm sitting on coupons from a couple of my favorite dyers.

Mereknits said...

New yarn is the best, although I am yarn dieting. And my friend wants to go to a yarn store for her birthday on Saturday, I am leaving my wallet int he car.
Hugs and love the scarf,