Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Drugs are Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And I might even be slightly forgiven.  Not last night, of course.  That was the last dose and after that, Theo hid under the forsythia bush and had nothing to do with me the rest of the night.  But today I've been out picking cucumbers in the garden, which is ALWAYS really interesting in Kittyland, and when I moved into the sewing room, he first hung out right outside the door, then hopped up on the window, then:
 which is, of course, right on top of the table runner I had just prepped for binding.  Oh well.  If you had been having to torture a cat twice a day, could you make this sweet little face move?
 Or at least not until after I've made pickles, at any rate..................


Regena Fickes said...

My Seraphena (tabby) sends her regards and congratulations to Theo. She has been in the same situation and felt each dose. When I told her he had finished the medicine; she meowed largely and raised her left hind leg for a good groom. Translated--Job well done, Theo.
He is beautiful and if he wants, he can fly across to Tennessee and sleep on the pillowcases I am finishing for the grands.

Toni said...

Ha! Ha! Thanks!!!!!!