Monday, April 21, 2014

Definitely Silver

Funnily enough, I had thought of the 6 gold/6 silver idea because I was more confident of my gold thread than of the silver, but after seeing the first one, I really like the silver, and thank to everyone's unanimous input, I went with all in silver and finished the last one just a few minutes ago, making Finished Project number 24.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which leaves me..............behind.  Am I ever anything else?  To reach 100 projects, I should be at 33-34 at the end of April.  I am, by nature, completely delusional an optimist, but finishing 9 projects in 9 days sounds a wee bit daunting, even to me.  Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so I won't be gardening and can spend the morning sewing, but in the afternoon I have an eye appointment, and after the dilate my eyes, I'm guessing all crafting will be over for the day because I'm never able to focus on anything after they do that.  You know, I really loathe the "women's annual wellness exam," but at least that one doesn't leave me unable to knit for the rest of the day.  At least it's in the afternoon so it won't ruin the whole day, and if it rains again on Friday, I can have a full crafting day least another 2 projects? Three?  Five.........?


RobinH said...

Eek. And here I am only at 15. This may have something to do with me working on my 8th pair of socks for this year...

And clearly you need to cast on something in plain garter or stockinette in worsted weight for after the eye appt.

Mereknits said...

You make my head spin with how much you get done. I think I am more like Theo these days.
Hugs to you,