Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hoping for Rain......

Yesterday I was out and about most of the morning, starting with a dental appointment followed by errands, and at about 1:30, my back hurt so I came home to rest.  Today I am trying to take it easy, but this
is not helping.  So far I have managed to keep myself away from the garden, but I think I might need a break from walking today, and that's a problem.  It's supposed to rain this afternoon, and I am probably the only one around who is hoping for it. I'm much easier to control when it's icky and raining.  A solid month of icky weather while I get stronger would be ideal.  Since it was an unseasonably warm 57 degrees on Monday, I don't think it's going to happen, but one can hope. 

Yesterday I did get some knitting in,
and the scarf is now more than halfway done.  I'm dragging a bit on finishing sweaters right now, and I think it might have something to do with the back issues as well.  For well over a year now, I haven't been able to wear jeans or slacks or even some of my dresses because I can't stand anything touching my back.  In some ways, it's sort of handy because I wear athletic pants or shorts (or pajamas) all day every day, so I can stop and do stretches and exercises at any time, but I haven't worn a sweater in more than a year, and haven't ever worn the last 3-4 I've finished, so my motivation might be low.  But perhaps if I thought of it as planning my fall wardrobe, I'd get somewhere.  And planning a wardrobe might be quite fun....considering I've never done it.  My clothes shopping has usually been more along the lines of  "Oops, I have nothing to wear--better check out the clearance racks."  Sewing has been even MORE haphazard, but maybe I could branch out and make things that coordinate and match at least one thing I own.  This could be exciting.  Especially since aiming for FALL would allow me some time to work on getting back into shape and losing the weight I've gained while being a complete and utter slug for so long.  Hm...............

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Mereknits said...

The sweater will be classic and timeless so you will be able to use it for years even if not right this second. I love yoga pants, I am in them right this minute.