Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I probably manage to burn myself every canning season, but aside from sunburns, I've never had such a widespread burn and it's been years since I have had a sunburn, so I don't know how long mild burns hurt.  My hands hurt less today, but I was rather hoping they wouldn't hurt at all.  I managed to do a little crafting yesterday,
getting a set of 6 lace icicles done.  I had time enough I could have made more, but hooping the stabilizer was pretty painful, and I couldn't bring myself to do it again. 

One of my goals for the year is 12 threads on a needlework project that I believe I started in 2009 when I was laid up after surgery.  For a while I thought the project was doomed because I couldn't find the directions, but last week I found them with another project.
My organizational skills might be next year's project.  It's a needlepoint kit, and I thought if I could prop the frame up I could start working on it, but I can't grip the needle tightly enough to pull it, so I sorted some of the yarn.  Normally, I hate tedious projects like that, but it's amazing how much more tedious I find total inactivity.  I may sort the other half of the yarn today.

This morning I've been doing a little sewing with the serger, and one of the bags I started last year is almost done,
 and just needs the handles turned inside out and attached,
but that will have to wait until my hands are less sensitive.  Andy suggested trying a rope bowl today as he knows how frustrating this is, so I'll try that this afternoon. I even cleaned my computer keyboard out of desperation.  Anyone else ever poured hot water over their hands and have any idea how long it takes to heal? 


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Unfortunately, when I did the hot water over hands thing, it took the better part of the week for my hands not to feel so hurty. But then I don't do pain well at all.
Question: I assume that the needlepoint kit threads/yarns are all bunched together just like the cross-stitch kits. How do you sort them by colour when so many are such close shades? This part of kits drives me crazy and would explain in large part why cross-stitch projects are starting to accumulate along side the knitting and sewing.

RobinH said...

Have you tried lidocaine ointment? It's a topical anesthetic, so it helps a lot with burn pain. I have a bottle that combines it with an aloe gel specifically for sunburn, but it's great for minor burns of all sorts. Try looking at the pharmacy for anything marketed for burns or sunburns. (And healing varies with severity- 2-3 days to a week would be reasonable.)

Mereknits said...

Toni you poor thing, I sure hope your hands are better by tomorrow the official opening ceremony, or can you start today as there are events before the opening ceremony, why is that by the way?
Hugs, Meredith