Friday, May 24, 2013

Supply v. Hoards

In spite of help from Theo,
the gardening dress is finished
and got 4 out of 6 buttons while I was waiting for Blogger to upload pictures.  I will never stop having a button stash, partly because I like to buy buttons on sale when possible, and partly because the buttons I think will work when picking out a project aren't always the ones that I like when a project is finished, but it is rather exciting to be using up some of my stashes without adding to them right now.  I wasn't exactly bothered by the buttons, but since I'm using them, it's a "supply."  If I'm buying them and not using them, that's a "hoard."  This is not a definition I like to explore too closely when viewing the yarn hoard stash, but it works for the other stashes.

I also dug out one of the in-progress blue mittens from the mitten garland,
and put together a green felt mitten ornament for good measure.   Then, thinking I should explore some OTHER stashes-bordering-on-hoards, and dug out the bead box.

In January, I'd played around with little felt hearts, so tonight I decided to try making ornaments out of them.  The first one:
was going to be a set of three vertical hearts, but I just couldn't make it look right with the beads, so I settled for a single ornament.  The great thing about making 365 ornaments in one year is that one is making SO MANY of them that one can try different things and if they aren't perfect, oh well!  It's another finished ornament at least!

Then I decided to play around with seed beads,
which earns the distinction of being the hardest ornament to photograph yet.  Laying flat, the beads move too much, and hanging is hard to see.  I'm not entirely excited by these so far, but I am excited about using my bead stash.  The beads might have been hovering close to the "hoard" line, as knitting lace scarves with beads is both slow and tedious, while BUYING beads is neither of those, but now I am using them for other crafts!  And while I'm not "in love" with either of these ornaments, I have a LOT more little hearts to play with.  Maybe a little heart wreath ornament?   216 ornaments left to go, and lots and lots of beads...........