Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And We're Back to the Mittens...........

Today I made:
mostly due to needing to rest but being drugged.  Today was not a day for new patterns. 

It's been sort of a long week.  Sunday I aggravated my muscles when I had to move my hip back into place, so Sunday and Monday were sore and drugged--which is how I got this done:
Yesterday started out better, but either because of the extra exercises I did Monday when I started feeling better OR just because my back/hip is very perverse, it got aggravated again when I bent down to pet Calisto.  So yesterday was sore as well--which is how I got this:
Today I feel better but thought I should rest and give the muscles one more day to get over their aggravation.  I found that works for the rest of me usually, so I guess I can understand when my back has "moods."   I will just be glad when my back's mood swings no longer involve drugs for the rest of me...........