Saturday, March 9, 2013


Okay--as I'm knitting the mistake-ornament while having my morning coffee (having had to undo one row already because I did one too many increase rows), I was beginning to get a bit nervous about the 365 ornament plan, possibly because it seems that I will be knitting THIS particular ornament the rest of my natural life.  Between kicking myself for not getting a bit more white embroidery sewing thread and trying to think of other colors that could be used for the snowflake and icicle ornaments without it looking too stupid, it finally hit me:

The spending ban will end November 1 - NOT December 31!

I can BE a little behind, because I will have two whole months in which to make icicle ornaments with newly-purchased thread!  Whew--so if I'm still working on this stupid little stocking in JULY, I might still be able to catch up!