Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crafting Marathon - End of Day 2

It's right here where I should be showing you a finished project.  And you'll notice there isn't one.  Last night I hosted knitting night at my house, and did spend a fair bit of time tidying downstairs, and since it's been extremely cold here and everyone is just recovering from the holidays, there was a lot more wine and general fun than actual knitting last night.  Killer night--but not much knitting.

Yesterday I decided to kick off my sewing adventures with a scarf project I'd seen online somewhere, using some scrap yarn I have:
but it looked a little too kid-craft for me.  So I ripped it out and will send the unknown yarn to my youngest niece, who has learned to finger-knit and who will probably find something to do with it.  Nice way to kill an hour of my time, but not what I had hoped for.  Oh well.

I did manage to get some pajamas cut out in spite of my "help,"
Theo hasn't been terribly excited about the sewing room since the shelving project, and wants nothing to do with embroidery, but now that there's sewing again, he's all over it.  Literally.

I am making the green pajamas from this pattern:
I already have 2 pairs from this pattern and it's my favorite, especially lately as the extra layer of the long shirt helps with the heating pad or icing of my back.  The fabric is a flannel-backed satin, so it's warm but if I put flannel sheets on the bed--which at 5 degrees overnight is a seriously good idea--then I don't have that flannel-on-flannel velcro problem.  When it's a bit warmer, I also like to think that the satin looks more attractive than just flannel, but it's 13 degrees right now, and I just don't care.

My fabric stash is a bit like an archeological site--I can sort of date fabric from where they are.  This has been in my stash several years--possibly even from before moving into the house--because it had good shelf space in the actual closet.  
rather than the new shelving:
so I know it's old stash--like maybe 2006 or 2007.  There wasn't much fabric at my old house, so 2006 is pretty much as old as the fabric gets unless it's a WIP, and even those are limited to no earlier than 2005, so nothing has reached the decade mark yet.  I have no idea what the actual size of the fabric stash is, nor if I am closing in on SABLE, but I'd like to think that I can take a rather large chunk out of it before I reach the one-decade mark of sewing as a hobby.  Crazy, perhaps, but I'm rather proud of myself for not thinking I could use it ALL up before 2015.  This could be a sign of maturity--or perhaps a remembrance of lugging it around the house while the shelves were being built--but right now I'm pretending that the sewing room could look manageable in just 2 years of sewing from stash.  I tried to pull out another sewing WIP, which would help get rid of the sewing WIP bin, but things aren't quite organized enough yet to locate WIP bags and their patterns AND instructions yet, so that's for another day.  I'll settle for using old stash fabric.Progress is progress.

While excavating the flannel-backed satin, I ran across some beautiful hunter green micro-suede,  so it has now been washed and will be made into:
I have enough of it to make both shirts and the pants.  I thought about the skirt, but it's hard to consider skirts when it's this cold, and since I just finished a hunter green dress, I thought pants would be a nice break.  

If I get all of THAT done, I'll have used up 10.875 yards of fabric from my stash.  Considering I only used up about 14 yards of fabric TOTAL last year, that's an exciting number.  I'm hoping, of course, to get a few more projects done as well, and have laundered fabric for a fleece jacket for Andy that he's requested for his Valentine's Day gift.  He does his woodworking in the garage, which is rather arctic lately, so he's originally asked about 2 layers of fleece, which I think would work except for leaving a lot of bulk under the arms where the seams would be, so I'm thinking of making it with a layer of fleece and a layer of flannel--or perhaps 2 layers of flannel.  I'll use this pattern again:
 as this is probably Andy's favorite thing I've ever made for him, and nothing about it really depends on the fabric stretching, so I'm thinking it should work.  We're after warmth over fashion, but I would like it to look nice.  I have a lovely purple fleece that Andy likes, lots of white flannel, so that is the next project up if I get the others done.  Generally I would have tackled the gift first, but I haven't really sewn in at least a year and am admittedly rusty, so I thought pajamas a safer place to start.  Sometimes even I have the sense to know I might not be ready for improvising............