Thursday, December 19, 2013

It Moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you see it?  That tiny little yarn tally on the side of the blog finally moved today!!!  I have finally used up another ball of yarn from my stash!!!!

I had sworn that I wouldn't stress about my yarn tally this year, but this was a lie.  I didn't stress about it while I was stressing about 365 ornaments and while I was trying to finish up everything for Christmas, but now--during the last two weeks of the year--I'm going to stress about my stash.  The red scarf is half finished, and now my compulsion to finish the year with as high a number as possible in the "stash used up" category is going to be duking it out with my saner side that thinks I should hedge a little so I could start the 100-finished-projects year with a running start.  I don't know which side I'd actually bet on, but I'm guessing it's likely to be a closer match than most of the holiday football games will be.................


Mereknits said...

I am almost embarrassed to tell you my yarn total this year. It makes me think I am a bit of a crazy person because I have used so much. I have less finished projects this year, but that is fine as I never really have a goal, just keep track for fun.

RobinH said...

It's Maslow's hierarchy of stress... I wish I had a better way of keeping track of yarn usage, because I'm exactly the kind of person who *would*. But I am given so many partial skeins, there's no good way to keep track.