Saturday, July 20, 2013

What We Have At The End of This Week

*  13 half-pint jars of red onion relish

*  10th and final day of giving Theo antibiotics........and cleaning them off the floor and walls

* 6 quarts of freshly-canned pickles

*  4 more seams on the new dress

* 3 1/2 hours of exercise in the pool

*  3 completed edging reps.........out of 28

*  2 vet visits and 2 new medications for Theo

*  1 new lace ornament
 * 1/3 of a new felt ornament
 *  1/4th of the actual new sprinkle-on-the-food medications that Theo has actually been tricked into taking

*  1 cat hiding in the back of the closet

*  2 humans VERY much in need of a white chocolate martini...............


Mereknits said...

Sounds like you are having a very busy week. Sending you and Theo a hug,

Mandy said...

So glad to hear that Theo has been taking this last variation of the antibiotics. I really hope he doesn't belatedly understand what it is he is eating with his food.
I'm not surprised that you are in need of a treat yourselves.

RobinH said...

Oh dear. Definitely a stressful week. I hope you and Theo and Andy are feeling better soon!

kathy b said...

HYsterical. Yes those oral antibiotics for cats are a real bother aren't they??????

Happy finish.

Gexton said...
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