Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Pox!

A pox on all sewing pattern instruction writers!!!!!!!!!!!


Mandy said...

Ooops! That sounds heart felt.
Been there too. Ended up making it up as I went along. Can't remember what it was I was trying to make at the time, probably a dress. I seem to recall one where the sleeves just wouldn't attach as instructed.

bittenbyknittin said...

And knitting pattern writers who become vague, and sometimes downright wrong, by the end of the instructions!

Wanda said...

I learned the beginnings of sewing by reading pattern directions. That was long ago and I don't need directions any more. I have felt great pity for anybody who is learning now, because the directions will leave you with a piece you didn't need and never sewed in, or wondering why the front is so much smaller than the back, or why did you have to buy a couple of yards too much fabric? A pox indeed.