Friday, January 18, 2013


Okay, I had really believed I could finish one sewing project a day this week, so I think we can tell that either the pain pills are having a lasting effect OR it's been too long since I did much sewing.  But, now on my 5th sewing vacation day, we have:
finished pajamas!  I do need to tack down the facing just a bit, but want to let it hang for a couple hours before I do that.  BUT, they are done, I have used up 5 yards of fabric from the stash, and I am wearing these babies tonight because while we're maybe going to get a high of 17 degrees today, it's dropping to 2 degrees tonight.  I am beginning to hate winter. 

So is Theo, whose life got even worse with the finishing of the pajamas:
so I took pity on him and have the next fabric laid out for pinning,
 which has cheered the Cabin Fever Kitties immensely. 
Theo has barely been off of it since I laid it down.  Poor little guy--I didn't realize how much he was missing sewing. 

I do finally have pictures of some knitting.  This is a baby sweater I started a few weeks ago.   The back is done, the front is getting close, and the sleeves should go pretty quickly.  I love baby sweaters for their smallness.  
 It's only 2:00 PM now, so I have time to start a new sewing project but I'm not sure if I have the heart to take the microsuede away from Theo just yet.  Maybe it's time to revisit those quilted Christmas ornaments.....


Sava said...

Congrats on the jammies. Whether or not you feel like you're behind, progress is still progress!

Just keep on trucking :)

Mereknits said...

Love the jammies, the least you could do is sew for the cats. They are so cute on that fabric.
Good luck,