Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Have GOT To Give Up Math

On Ravelry, several people have been talking about how many miles of yarn they have in their stash.  Though I was born here in America, I still struggle with our completely crazy measuring system.  My first year canning was a nightmare:  2 cups make a pint, 2 pints make a quart............and then WHAMMO! 4 quarts the the gallon.  NO!  If we start out by 2s, we need to STAY with the 2s.  Of course, this is nothing compared with our other measuring standards--12 inches to 1 foot.   Do we jump to 12 feet?  No--we pick the totally daft 3 feet = a yard.  Do we stick with 3s?  Nope.  1760 yards make a mile.  If it was going to be a random number anyway, how about an easier one to remember?   See what I mean?  It's completely insane.  So knowing that I have just under 200,000 yards sounds like a lot, of course--and IS a lot--but I don't really have a mental picture.  Until I did the math:

I have 113 miles of yarn in my stash!

113 MILES!  I don't have a stash--I have a road trip!


Sava said...

Yeah the "standard" measurements are basically arbitrary measurements that were figured out separately and then converted later. So of course it doesn't make any sense.

Ella said...

And just think of all the wonderful book titles it would make. Or that ever classic line "113 miles to knit before I sleep".