Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And We're Off!

It's January 1 and I am starting my SIXTH year of Cold Sheeping.  I swear my stash has gotten smaller, but it would be hard to tell overall because I didn't start out with a very accurate record.  I thought I started out with a pretty clear picture of the stash last year, but packing up the sewing room unearthed some MAJOR amounts of unrecorded yarn.  So, five years later, I think I can honestly say that all yarn has been accounted for because I have no idea where else it could be lurking.  

So, I am starting the year with:

949.29 balls of yarn
199,734.1 yards of yarn

Totally scary numbers--but in the last 5 years of Cold Sheeping, I have used up:

439.99 balls of yarn
83,483.9 yards of yarn

Also rather amazing numbers, really.  I didn't keep a record of "reward" or "whoops" or even "allowed" purchases, but I'm sort of guessing there has still been a substantial stash decrease.  Which means the stash was COMPLETELY insane 5 years ago, and since it is presumably smaller now, then my stash is currently NOT completely insane, right?

When buried under wool, we grasp at what we can............


Sava said...

I am truly astonished at the size of your stash. My stash is small enough to fit inside the Intel cooler/lunchbox they gave me on the first day of my internship.

They declared it was big enough to fit two six packs, but I haven't tested that claim.

I'll probably go yarn crazy once I graduate and get a job, but right now I just can't fathom having THAT much yarn. Neither the funds to acquire it or the space to store it in!

You have made some really impressive progress during your cold sheeping, though!

RobinH said...

I may need to do some cold-sheeping myself this year. I didn't knit up nearly as much of the yarn I got on sale this year as I thought I would!

But my mom has us beat. She's down to a handful of skeins- her *whole* yarn stash fits in one med. project bag. (Fabric is quite another story however!)