Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Have Become A Yardage Slut

So, I have finished my 12 washcloths for the year, but

I am now working on number 13.  Why, you might ask--for the fun of it?  Because it's a new pattern?  Nope--it's to try to finish off that cone of yarn, which will give my tally an 800-yard boost in one shot.  There is also a wee bit of motivation to get my hands on that cardboard cone inside for some sort of Christmas tree decoration, but 99.9% of my reason is the yarn tally.  I am nuts.  Truly and certifiably.  But it IS 800 more yards.......which would really help right now, as my latest knitting obsession,
is a shawl with blasted lace weight mohair yarn on size 4 needles and 540-yard balls of yarn.  A good idea for NONE of my goals for the year.  So, of course, I'm doing it. 

At least I'm also embroidering some napkins:
Two years ago I had embroidered  7 napkins to match our plates and some placemats I made several years ago:

The original idea was, of course, eight napkins, but I never figured out what became of the 8th one--and still haven't.  I found a package of 12 napkins at the local Tuesday Morning store, and thought it would be nice to have some extras.  It will be--even if one of them came out of the package stained with something that can't be washed off.  I know other people like that chain of stores, but I was pretty unimpressed BEFORE this--I won't be back.  They weren't even inexpensive enough to make it understandable.  But, I have 11 new white napkins and one that looks like it lost an argument with spaghetti sauce to embroider--and have just run out of the thread color after napkin #3. It seems two years ago I mentioned that I would need to pick up some navy blue thread to make some contrasting ones--and I still need to, or more matching thread.  One of the two.  It probably says a lot about my hate/hate relationship with ironing that my first thought today when the thread ran out was, "Great, I ironed those blasted things for nothing!"  Not, "darn, I wish I had picked up more thread."  So, 3 new napkins done, and I'll be looking frantically for a place to store some freshly-ironed napkins until I can get more thread.  For heaven's sake, I don't want to iron the blasted things again.

There wasn't really a good "12 12s" category for them, so I am counting each napkin as a "decoration."  A lame decoration, granted, but a decoration.  I made this decision when I thought I'd be polishing off the "12 decorations" category this weekend, which probably made me more eager to play fast and loose with my own rules, but it is August and that tiny scent on the air just might be a whiff of desperation.  Yep, 4 1/2 months left in the year and I'm starting to panic ever so slightly.  Canning season is approaching (hopefully), then the holidays, and there are FIVE sweaters and NINE sewn apparel items to come up with.  Somehow I'm sensing that this is not going to be pretty...............