Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not Quite There

So, I was hoping to have another finished project for April, but didn't get there.  I did end the month with:

29.33 balls for the year
6,522.2 yards of yarn for the year
8.125 yards of fabric for the year

While the fabric progress is decidedly pathetic, if I keep up the pace on yarn, I could end the year with 19,566 yards of yarn and 88 balls all used up.  Considering I still have to get ALL the stash back INTO the sewing room, this is highly motivating.

My yardage got a bit of a boost from this

which is being sold to another knitter.  Generally, I don't sell my yarn, but this was a knitter who had run out of yarn for a project, and I have a special spot in my heart for a knitter in that place--especially considering the number of times I've been there myself.  So, an additional 258 yards out of the stash, and a happy knitter at the other end.  Win-win.  And, whew, what a difference it will make in my stash as I move it all back IN!  (I find delusion a powerful motivating force--can you tell?)

The new baby sweater has made progress, and is now at the raglan shaping for the yoke:
the scarf has grown,
but being me, I was seduced by
While I'm not a huge fan of counted cross stitch, I do find stamped cross stitch rather relaxing, and faced with THREE new kits AND all sorts of other projects I should be working on, I didn't stand a chance.  There is still a stamped cross stitch baby blanket in progress, but that one requires a bit more finesse than this one, as the stitches can't show through the back, so this is a nice change.  Not to mention that the baby blanket is now somewhere in a box--probably in the guest room.  Or maybe the guest bathroom............

I think--and this is certainly a first--I will honestly enjoy unpacking those boxes and tidying the sewing room when the shelves are all done.  I wonder if there's any project that could make me enjoy vacuuming.....................?