Saturday, December 1, 2012

One Month to Go!

It's December 1, and in November I used up:

9.4 skeins of yarn
1,594.8 yards of yarn
absolutely no fabric whatsoever (gotta work on that part)

It felt like a lot more yarn than that, but the obsession with the Alice Starmore sweater in fingering yarn might have something to do with that.  I may never be this close to 20,000 yards in a year again, so with even more than my usual maniacal yarny fever, I need to knit just under 2,000 yards of yarn this month.  Amid all the Christmas parties and other festivities.  Hm.........

Meet the new (hopefully) yarn-eating project:
which is a free pattern from Lion Brand yarns.  I'm using size 7 needles to get gauge, and the skeins are only 110 yards each, so I'm hoping this will be super motivating.  And anyone thinking this yarn looks slightly familiar, it's part of the "oh-my-gosh-what-if-I-use-up-my-entire-stash" purchase made in 2007

before starting my first year of Cold-Sheeping.  I just love my naivete, don't you?  I really was worried that there was a chance that I might run out of yarn if I was on a year-long buying ban.  Did any of you watch the TV show Ally McBeal when Tracey Ullman guest starred as a therapist who had a laugh-track to use when her patients said something so idiotic that it required the laughter of more than one person?  I think I need one of those sometimes.  It took me 7 months of 2008 to knit up the equivalent amount of yarn as this one purchase, and here it is at the end of 2012 and I'm just now getting around to the last of the yarn.  That, of course, doesn't make it my oldest stash, but it does make it a contender for my stupidest stash. 

At one point, I thought about just getting rid of the yellow yarn because it's part of Knit Picks's Shine line, and the yarn at the bottom of this box was not pink Shine worsted, and while it is tremendously soft  yarn, it pills badly, and the pink sweater looks 50 years old already.  But I wear it when I'm doing things around the house that might damage better sweaters, and I have really dry skin, so I thought a cheerful soft sweater--regardless of how awful it looks--might be nice to have on days when my skin is so dry it hurts.  Or I just don't like to admit defeat.  One of the two..........


Sava said...

I have no idea how much yarn I've used in 2012, but I know that its not even a LITTLE close to 20,000.

Also, I think that lion brand pattern will look much better in the yellow that you have going, compared to the weird purple they used in the sample picture!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Oh, I remember Ally McBeal with great fondness. I do remember that particular episode you referenced. LOL I've had moments deserving that laugh track. Sheesh. Alas, very little knitting has been going on and I've fallen woefully behind the Musical destashing attempt. I've even stopped playing Christmas carols, because they kept reminding me that I would rather be knitting than painting. (I have made great progress on that front at least.) I can't wait to get back to knitting and sewing. I had a bit of a stumble in the fabric store and walked out with enough new acquisitions for 3 tablecloths, and at least 8 napkins. Sigh.