Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not As Interesting As I Thought

One of the sweaters I have been working on this year is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Epaulet Sweater
because I knew it had some unusual shaping,which intrigued me.  Well, the shaping part was intriguing.    Now it's been derailed because--and it pains me to say this because EZ is my knitting idol--this is a really boring sweater.  GASP!  I know--I can't believe I have said this, but I am going to frog an Elizabeth Zimmermann project!!!!

I thought it best to do it while I still have access to Valium.......I may need it.


bittenbyknittin said...

Well, EZ knits usually involve miles and miles of garter stitch, so they can be a bit boring. I've been contemplating this sweater:
#28 Vihervaara -huppari / GreenGable -hoodie (on Ravelry). Definitely not boring!

RobinH said...

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of miles-o-garter either. Though if I liked the shoulder shaping, I might consider trying to introduce some patterning into the body to liven things up.