Friday, November 9, 2012


I think I speak for most people--
 and cats--

when I say THANK HEAVENS THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!!!!  In their election night speeches, both Romney and President Obama called for a joining together and moving forward, but I am not too optimistic, largely because of this:

Snopes articles about President Bush
Snopes articles about Romney
Snopes articles about President Obama

Not counting anything listed as "half true" or anything except false, there were

9 untrue rumors circulating about Romney
17 untrue rumors about George W. Bush, even though he spent 8 years in office
85 untrue rumors about President Obama

Not to imply that everyone who voted for Romney believed this junk or that everyone has to be a fan of Obama, but this taints us all--whatever we personally believe.  That level of hate that it takes to generate so many false stories and to circulate and believe them is just not going to go away or compromise.  Whether or not one likes a candidate, to automatically believe anything no matter how "out there" is really just a matter of determined hate.  I remember when the rumor first surfaced that President George W. Bush knew about the 9-11 attacks ahead of time but let it happen anyway, and while I didn't care for him as president, I still didn't believe it and sent out the Snopes links to people who did.  There can be dislike without hate, but I think when one opens their heart to hate, I don't know that one can ever stop, and I don't know that our nation will ever heal--and it makes me even sadder because so much of this is because President Obama tried to help the uninsured in America, which is a cause I truly believe in and a cause I firmly believe humanity requires.  I am sure that I will anger someone by--for once--airing a political view on this blog, but I firmly believe that helping others is something we should fight for, not against, and I will never believe otherwise. 


Mereknits said...

You will not get anger form me because I totally agree with you. The amount of lies circulating this election was unbelievable, and even when certain candidates were called on these lies, they kept circulating those ads, it made me crazy. I think there should be a fact checking rule, before and ad can be seen it has to be true, honesty now there is a novel idea.

Gaidig said...

Applauds! I am a huge believer in fact checking political claims and policies, and treating even our opponents with respect. How else are we supposed to actually solve any of these problems?