Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chasing Yardage

The brioche scarf is now done:
and with it's 440 yards of yarn, I have now achieved my second-highest yardage in a year with two and a half months to go!  And--even more encouraging in many ways, this yarn is all used up from my stash!  In a fit of madness obsession with variegated yarns, I ordered 4 HANKS of this yarn in either 2006 or 2007.  Call it a "youthful indiscretion," or, if you'd like to include the other 18 hanks of variegated yarns I also acquired around that time, call it "complete idiocy."  I am happy to say that even I came to my senses and realized that variegated lace yarns have never work out for shawls as I hope they will, and it might have taken me about 10,000 yards of lace to learn this, but with my stash, it could have been worse.  Much, MUCH worse. 

Rather than starting another scarf for portable knitting, I opted for:
a new sweater!  I might be obsessed with yardage, but I haven't yet given up on finishing those 12 sweaters by December, and those are size 10.5 needles and bulky weight skeins of only 98 yards and it's a stockinette sweater.  I'm still mostly obsessed with the green fingering-weight sweater, but when I need a break and the hope of finishing a sweater soon, this is a nice change.  Not to mention, this is a bit easier to work with when the muscle relaxers kick in.........

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