Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Weekend of Knitting

Sometimes I find myself wishing for a weekend where all I did was knit.  I need to stop wishing for these things, as thanks to the re-aggravated back problem, that is almost all I have done this weekend.

I knew my back was doing badly, but with all the issues with my father's health, put it on the "back burner" to get seen to.  Monday I was feeling quite proud of myself, having called the spine clinic to set an appointment for Thursday just to see if they could help me get back on track--no pun intended.   Tuesday I walked down to our library (only 3 miles and no hills at all) and ended up hardly able to walk by the time I got home.  The heating pad and I had an affair all day Wednesday, then Thursday I went to my appointment knowing that I would probably get evaluated then referred to physical therapy--which is exactly what happened.  That's all good, except the back problem exists because my hip turns, and it has been turned for a couple months now and I have not been able to get it turned back myself, so I need a physical therapist to yank me back into alignment.  At that magic moment, most of my pain will go away, and I can get back to my strengthening exercises.  That, however, isn't until Monday.  My extended weekend has involved limited movement, pain pills, books, audio books, movies, muscle relaxers, and lots and lots and lots of knitting:
though unfortunately with fingering weight yarn and size 2 needles, it doesn't look like as much progress as it should.  And, because I needed to remind myself that there are FAR worse problems in life:
another chemo cap!  Which completes another "12" on my list--yay!  I've also been working on the brioche scarf, but it didn't manage to get photographed.  I was close to digging out the new beaded scarf, but with the pain pills AND muscle relaxers, I thought it might be best to stay away from anything even slightly tricky--not to mention tiny, sharp crochet hooks and freakishly aerodynamic beads that would be really painful to crawl around on the carpet retrieving right now. 

Good heavens!  I just realized that I might actually have more common sense when heavily medicated than I do normally....................yikes!


Mereknits said...

No surprise that your back is hurting after all the stress you have been under with your Dad. Sitting in hospital rooms, and waiting rooms does not help. Does your physical therapist do myofascial release on you? If not find one who can because that may be what you need to really get your hip to stop rotating. I do it on my patients and it really helps. Lovely knitting.

tinebeest said...

Hey Toni, i have been MIA but have been trying to keep up with your adventures. I am glad to hear your father is doing better again, and sorry to hear your back and hip are conspiring again. I've got a bit of hip trouble myself (it' being taken care off), but I still manage to run up to 20 miles / week so I can not begine to imagine what pain you must be in! Sending healing thoughts your way ((hug))

Kathleen C. said...

Ouch! I feel your pain with the back! Actually I really do feel your pain as I threw out my back a couple weeks ago. First time in my life.
I had NO idea.
Wow! Does that hurt and incapacitate! The simplest mopvements are just flat out un-doable.
I'm better after a week of precription anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. But a day of standing (which is what my work days are like right now) tells me I'm not all better yet...

I hope you are all better and soon!