Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ravellenics - This Just In!

 Ron:  With 3 and a half hours remaining in the games, the shrug now has one sleeve attached:
and the second is being pinned as we speak.  Will she finish it in time, and if so, can she complete a second project to reach 10 medals?

Bob:  It may be a photo finish--there's a neckband and two button bands to be done.  Additionally, Ms. Sutton's resolve could be shaken by this:
 It's the remaining yarn from a 600+ yard ball of cotton yarn.  When Ms. Sutton finishes small objects like washcloths and ornaments, she doesn't normally count the yardage as the amounts can be difficult to determine.  So, one more project could give her stash total a 600-yard jump.  As it THAT weren't enough temptation, Ms. Sutton's Ravelry page currently shows that she has 282 projects (counting WIPs) as well as 282 entries in her stash.  With one dishcloth, Ms. Sutton could put her project count ahead of her stash count for the first time EVER.  If that's not temptation for such a type-A knitter, I don't know what is.  

Ron:  So if it comes down to the wire--will Ms. Sutton go for the finished sweater, the 10th medal, a 283rd project--or just run screaming from the house under all the pressure.........?  

3 hours, 18 minutes to go.............

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Mereknits said...

I'd be screaming, but then again I would never have been able to complete as many projects as you. Good luck,