Sunday, July 1, 2012

My First Completed "12!"

Ahem.  The year is half over and my list of "twelve 12s" is not exactly at the half-finished point, but I have finally completed one:
There are now fourteen completed pen sleeves.  I made them from some leftover micro suede, which works really well for these as it doesn't ravel.  Felt works well too, but it doesn't look quite as nice.  I still think I can get all 12 done--plus the bonus one--by December 31, but then again, I am known to be quite the delusional nutcase optimist.  Hey, it's the first one that's the hardest, right?


Gaidig said...

The weirdest thing is that at the rate you're going, the next one could easily be the cross stitch threads!

Toni said...

Wouldn't that just be wild?

RobinH said...

Yay! One goal down! (And many others with good progress made!)